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Kim Dunbar’s Research In Metal Anti-Cancer Agents

KimDunbar and her research team perform groundbreaking research in many areas, including spintronics and coordination chemistry. This research is leading to technological and medical advancements. Currently, she is performing research on metal anti-cancer agents, which could lead to more effective chemotherapy treatments. Metals in Cancer Treatment The first major discovery in treating cancer with metals came […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

Kim Renee Dunbar Receives Inaugural Eminent Scholar Award

Professor of chemistry at Texas A&M University Kim Renee Dunbar makes landmark contributions to the study of inorganic chemistry that impact the scientific community worldwide. In addition to a number of accolades and fellowships, she received the inaugural Eminent Scholar Award in 2011, which showcases the extraordinary achievements of female Texas A&M University faculty members.  […]

Texas A&M University Professor Kim Renee Dunbar and Her Research Team Make Strides in Inorganic Chemistry

Over an illustrious career spanning decades of scientific breakthroughs, Kim Renee Dunbar has received a variety of awards and accolades for her distinguished contributions. She and her research team at Texas A&M University continue making strides in the advancement of inorganic chemistry with backing from major institutions. Kim Renee Dunbar has had a significant impact on […]

Kim Renee Dunbar Receives ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry

Texas A&M University chemistry professor Kim Dunbar has received the ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry. Below, she and her colleagues comment on the announcement and explain the landmark contributions Dunbar has made in the field of chemistry. Kim Renee Dunbar earned her Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Purdue University in […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

What is the Dunbar Research Group? Founder Kim Renee Dunbar Explains the Group’s Philosophy

Kim Renee Dunbar Discusses Her Inorganic Chemistry Research Group at Texas A&M University Kim Renee Dunbar, an acclaimed scientist in the field of inorganic chemistry, founded the Dunbar Research Group in Lansing, Michigan at Michigan State University in 1987 and later moved her research enterprise to College Station at Texas A&M University in 1999 where she is […]

Kim Dunbar - Prestigious Honor for Work in Chemistry

What is an Honorary Degree? Kim Dunbar Receives Prestigious Honor for Work in Chemistry

Kim Dunbar Recognized for Work in Science Over the Decades What is an honorary degree, and how can you earn one? According to Priceonomics (, honorary degrees have been awarded for more than 500 years. They are given to an individual for whom the usual requirements of attaining a degree are waived. Kim Dunbar, a […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

Dunbar Research Group Conducts Valuable Chemistry Research, Founded by Kim Dunbar

Kim Dunbar on Her Research Group, Which Emphasizes Coordination Chemistry The Dunbar Research Group is based in College Station, Texas, at Texas A&M University. The director of the research group is Kim Dunbar, an accomplished chemist who has received many awards. The Dunbar group conducts research in the area of inorganic chemistry, with an emphasis on […]