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Kim Dunbar’s Research In Metal Anti-Cancer Agents

KimDunbar and her research team perform groundbreaking research in many areas, including spintronics and coordination chemistry. This research is leading to technological and medical advancements. Currently, she is performing research on metal anti-cancer agents, which could lead to more effective chemotherapy treatments. Metals in Cancer Treatment The first major discovery in treating cancer with metals came […]

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The Royal Society of Chemistry Honors Kim Dunbar

Renowned chemist Kim Dunbar has earned some of the world’s top scientific distinctions and achievements, especially in the field of inorganic chemistry. To honor her prolific career spanning more than three decades, the Royal Society of Chemistry honored her with a special issue of their publication Dalton Transactions. The Royal Society of Chemistry’s Dalton Transactions […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

Kim Renee Dunbar Comments on Texas A&M’s Research of Inorganic Materials for Brain-like Computing

Texas A&M University’s Kim Renee Dunbar is an award-winning chemist who has unveiled critical research in inorganic chemistry for decades. Here, she comments on her university’s recent research into inorganic materials for brain-like computing.  Kim Renee Dunbar has won awards from the American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Texas A&M University and many other respected institutions that […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

Kim Renee Dunbar Has Improved the International Understanding of Topics in Inorganic Chemistry for More Than 30 Years

As a leading chemist from Texas A&M University, Kim Renee Dunbar alters the international scientific community’s understanding of critical topics in chemistry, especially inorganic chemistry. She’s served in a number of roles at many respected institutions in her career and has earned many distinctions for her outstanding contributions spanning more than three decades.    Kim […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

Kim Renee Dunbar Receives Distinguished Service Award from American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society (ACS) has long served as a respected international organization gathering the top minds in science and chemistry. To honor her outstanding contributions to the field, ACS bestowed their Distinguished Service Award on Kim Renee Dunbar of Texas A&M University.    Kim Renee Dunbar is a world-renowned scientist and professor at Texas […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

Dr. Kim Renee Dunbar Leads Esteemed Texas A&M University-Based Research Group

For decades, Dr. Kim Renee Dunbar has helped further the international scientific community’s understanding of inorganic chemistry and has received several awards and titles honoring her contributions. From Texas A&M University, she leads the Dunbar Research Group and makes strides in the field of chemistry for current and future applications.    Dr. Kim Renee Dunbar’s […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

American Chemical Society Bestows Kim Renee Dunbar with Distinguished Service Award

Kim Renee Dunbar is a world-renowned chemist and professor at Texas A&M University where she and her research team contribute landmark discoveries to the international scientific community. For her outstanding contributions to the study of inorganic chemistry, the American Chemical Society bestowed Dunbar with the prestigious Distinguished Service Award.    A chemistry professor at Texas […]

Kim Renee Dunbar

First-Ever Ken and Nancy Long Chemistry Lecture Featured Kim Renee Dunbar as Guest Speaker

Across a career spanning decades of research, Kim Renee Dunbar has had a tremendous impact on the international scientific community’s understanding of inorganic chemistry. Recognized for her distinguished contributions to science, Dunbar was asked to be a guest speaker during Westminster College’s first inaugural Ken and Nancy Long Chemistry Lecture.   Over the years, Kim […]